Shanghai JINWU Industries Co., Ltd. afternoon congratulated the new government stand on 2015-10-13 on the line!

Shanghai JINWU Industries Co., Ltd. afternoon congratulated the new government stand on 2015-10-13 on the line!
Social business: October 13 white pvc profiles market prices

Aluminized Introduction

I. Overview

A metal thin film is vacuum evaporation under high vacuum (10-4mba) or more, electric resistance, high frequency heating or electron beam melted and vaporized metal, adhered to the surface of the film substrate to form a composite film technology. Plated metal material may be gold, silver, copper, zinc, chromium, aluminum, etc., in which the most used is aluminum. Plastic film or paper coated with a thin layer of aluminum becomes aluminum film or aluminum paper.

Vacuum aluminum film used for packaging has the following characteristics:

(1) compared to aluminum foil and greatly reducing the amount of aluminum, saving energy and materials and reduce costs. Composite with aluminum foil to a thickness of more than 7 ~ 9um, aluminum and aluminum film thickness of about 400 & Aring; (0.04um) about their consumption of aluminum foil about 1/200 and production speeds up to 700m / min.

(2) having excellent folding endurance and good toughness, very few pinholes and cracks, no pliability cracking phenomenon, gas, water vapor, odor, light or the like to improve the barrier properties.

(3) having excellent metallic luster, light reflectivity of 97%; and the color film may be formed by coating treatment, the effect is decorated foil that fall.

(4) can be blocked or partially eluted aluminum, or any pattern to obtain a transparent window, to see the contents of the package.

(5) aluminum layer conductive performance, to eliminate electrostatic effects, especially when packaged powdered product, does not pollute the sealing, to ensure the sealing performance of the package.

(6) after the printing process, such as composite has good adaptability.

Because of these characteristics, so that the aluminum film becomes a performance, economical and aesthetically pleasing new composite film that in many ways has replaced the aluminum composite materials. Mainly used flavor of food, daily necessities, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and cigarette packaging.


Social business: October 13 white pvc profiles market prices

According to the business community understand: October 13 white pvc profiles market atmosphere low, small purchases, cash transactions in general, the lack of strong support upstream, downstream demand is low, now white pvc profiles prices in the 8500-9000 yuan / ton.

CPP film industry development trend analysis

PP plastic industry is cast extrusion process stream produced by polypropylene (PP) film. Spot price: This week domestic price stability cpp film. Guangdong Chaoan area cooking film price 10500-10800 yuan / ton, Lee Shing packaging offer 10,600 yuan / ton, offer 10,700 yuan tide Antai Hong / ton, Hubei ideal packaging offer 10,500 yuan / ton. (None of the above tax) Reference Price: composite membrane mainstream offer in 12500-12700 yuan / ton; the main cryogenic composite films offer in 12,800 yuan / ton; aluminum substrates mainstream newspaper 13000-13200 yuan / ton.

Domestic PET market stalemate finishing

PET bottle grade domestic market sideways trend, raw material PTA market was stable on the strong side, the slow recovery of the cost of the support surface bottle chip prices, downstream demand, firm turnover up sluggish overall market trading atmosphere is somewhat flat, firm turnover performance mediocre. Currently, the East China offer reference in 6400-6600 yuan / ton from mentioning; southern China offer reference in 6500-6700 yuan / ton short delivery around. Expected short-term PET bottle chip market weak finishing the main dish.